Life’s a blueprint. Build it.

When we’re younger, we picture our futures. We have this idea of what we want our lives to be. We write it down on paper. Our hopes and dreams. The things we hope we’ll achieve. The people we hope we’ll become. But here’s the thing about writing things on paper. Ink always fades. The dreams we had, choices we hoped we’d make, people we thought we’d become — it changes. We grow older. We grow wiser, and the things we want out of this life change. Things don’t always match up. When we’re younger we think by a certain age we should have accomplished certain things. By a certain age, we should have it all figured out. But as we get older we realize that’s not always the case. We realize that that’s not how life works. More importantly, we realize that it’s not how life is supposed to work. We’re not supposed to have it all figured out. Life has its own plan for us. We never know what could be around the next corner. We never know what the next moment can bring. Life has its own plan for us, but we need to realize that it’s okay to deviate from the plan. It’s okay to look at the life laid out before us and decide to try something different. To choose color instead of black and white. To plan for the unexpected. To decide to build something else. (more…)

Can You Ever Give Someone Your Whole Heart?

It’s been said that you take a piece of all the people that you meet with you. If this is true, every person you meet, passion felt and love experienced, leaves a mark on your heart that never really disappears. It means you take these memories with you. In your life, in your relationships, pretty much wherever you go. It means that when you love someone, you’re loving them with a heart that’s been changed and altered from people you’ve met along the way. The things you experienced. The love you once had. The loss you once felt. Does it ever really go away? It starts to make you wonder: can you actually ever give someone your whole heart? (more…)

Take Time To Stand Still

There’s something to be said about standing still. We spend each day rushing to the next moment of our lives, that we let so many others pass us by. We watch the minutes slip away, cross days off our calendars, and eagerly pursue whatever it is that we’re hoping comes next. Looking to the future is important, sure.  Setting goals, declaring dreams, they are all necessary in moving forward; they’re needed for us to progress and grow. But always rushing to the future, it robs us the beauty of standing still.


The Thing About Perspective.

Perspective is a funny thing. On a train whizzing by you see faces of people you’ll never meet. From a plane you’ll can fly over places you may never get the chance to go. Walking along a crowded street you’ll hear voices telling stories you’ll never know the endings too.  All of these things, they can make the world feel so big and in turn, make your world feel so small. It can almost make you feel insignificant. Like in the grand scheme of things, your problems, your victories, and everything in-between, don’t really matter. But they do. There may be a big picture to this world, but your story is an important part of it.  You may be one ripple in a vast ocean, but that water can still feel the change.

Sometimes this vastness can make it feel like you’re drowning. It can make your life wrap you up in chaos tied with a bow of your daily routine. It can box you in so you’re stuck with who and what you know, but there’s a reason for that. The world may be big, but your world, the world you interact in daily, tends to be small. Most times it has to be this way; it’s how you get by from day-to-day. If you constantly were aware of every single thing that goes on in the world, everywhere, well, it would be overwhelming. So you tend to stick to what you know. Your life essentially becomes a bubble. But you can’t let this make you forget that there is an entire world out there. It’s a world filled with new opportunities and new adventures you have yet to embark on. There’s a world filled with people that you have yet to meet whose stories can change the course of your life in an instant. There’s always something around the corner, a hidden moment you have yet to uncover. Embrace this. Let your bubble pop. I think too often, you’re afraid of running out of time to accomplish things. Too often you worry that you aren’t where you thought you would be. Too often you’re scared that your life may not amount to something. Dismiss those fears. Know that that’s the beauty of a world filled with possibilities yet to be discovered; there’s always a way for the course of your life to change.

Bumping into someone on that crowded street can literally turn your life in another direction. Every moment that happens in your life is one detail that can change everything. So, stop getting bogged down in what’s currently in the confines of your life and start embracing the fact that there is still so much to come. Use the houses you see from a plane, or the faces that pass you by, as a reminder that there is so much more out there. More than you probably will ever get the chance to fully experience. But strive to soak up as much as you can. Try to look at life from different perspectives so that your perspective on life can change. Opportunity and possibility are all around you. It’s just up to you to see them. It’s up to you to find the perspective.

It’s Not About Happy Endings.

Happy endings are a complicated thing. Being happy at the end of our lives is something to strive for, but it shouldn’t be the ultimate goal. What’s the point of being happy if it’s only at the end? That happiness is temporary. That happiness is fleeting. The goal should be to be happy right now. You have the opportunity to make that happen. You get to
decide what your ending becomes. The trick, is not to waste time focusing on it. The beauty of a story is in the progress that’s made; you can’t appreciate the ending without knowing what’s been overcome. (more…)