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What do I want? A Not So Loaded Question.

By Brittany Davis

What do you want? It’s pretty simple, straight forward, open-ended type of question, right? So why is it so hard to answer? Obviously I want a job, I want a career, I want to get my life started..but there’s so much else I’m not sure of yet. What kind of life do I want to live? Who do I want to spend it with? Do I take the first job I’m offered? Should I hold out for something I really want? What if I can grow to like it? What do I want? I want to wake up and be excited to get my day started..maybe not everyday, but most days.

I want to be the type of person companies want to hire; the type of person I can be proud of. I want to use my abilities to make a difference, to affect change, to let people know they’re not alone. I want to find someone. Not someone to complete me, but to make me better. But I want to find them when I’m positive I’ve found myself. I want so much, and sometimes not enough. I want to find success in what I do. I want to be happy. I want to work 9-to-5’s and go to happy hour; to work and still have a life. To not let my job control me, to still do the things I love to do. But I think most of all I want to stop trying to figure out what it is I want.  I want to figure it out along the way.

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