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That’s Our Fate…

By Brittany Davis

The reality is that things are going to happen that change the plot of the life you’re living, but within the big picture it all works out as it is supposed to.  You can chalk it up to things happening for a reason, or it just being the way life works out, but to say that our life is  predetermined– what is this saying?  That we  have no control over what happens in our lives?  Sure, there are some things that happen that we can chalk up to fate, but it can only take us so far.  At a certain point it comes down to us and our actions.  The choices we make and how we react to what comes before us.  So many times we just let life define us; can’t we define ourselves?

Granted, there are certain things in life we can’t control.  We know that tomorrow is never guaranteed and we have no idea what’s going to happen twenty years from now, right?  Well, that’s why it’s important to stop letting all the things that really shouldn’t matter effect how we live our lives.  Heartbreaks, betrayals, insecurities, these things shouldn’t affect how we get by from day to day.  These are the ways in which we allow ourselves to control our destinies; by not letting ourselves get defeated.

If you want to have faith, have faith in yourself.  Give yourself credit where credit is due. Don’t take this life or yourself for granted because both are originals. There isn’t another person out there who is “you” or who is living the life you’re living.  So how is it fair to let the pettiness of others determine how you view yourself or the life you live?  Have faith that things are going to be okay, but even more so that the people that love you, which should include yourself, are going to help make that a certainty instead of something we just chalk up to chance. Let it become the motivation to live the life you want and not the life that’s so often drawn out for you.

When things happen that are beyond our control at the end of the day the only option is to make the best out of it, and simply do what you can. For the things we can control, open your eyes to the fact that what you take from it and how it’s applied to your life is all of your doing.  Don’t take this life or the people in it for granted. Knowing that nothing in this life is promised makes life the amazing thing that it is.  Part of the beauty of life is never knowing what’s going to happen next.  You don’t know which people that come into your life are going to be the ones who stay, or if they will be the people that help you know better for next time.  The reality is that things are going to happen, some that are beyond our control and some that fall right into our hands. Some that change us for the better and some that we are changed for the worse. It is up to us to make our lives all that they can be. At the end of the day we determine where our lives go.  At the end of the day we don’t get the life were given,we get the life we settle for.

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