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That’s Our Hearts…

By Brittany Davis

We take our hearts for granted.  They pump our blood and with each beat they remind us we’re alive. These beats have the ability to speed up and slow down, but this ability is something that isn’t solely under our control.  Other people can determine how the thing that helps prove we’re alive operates. But somehow nobody sees anything wrong with that.  That should be the indicator right there. When love ends, and hearts break, it’s all because we took our heart, the thing that helps keep us alive, and entrusted it to another. Yet we still get surprised how sometimes we barely feel alive when we get it back.  We give it out whole and filled to the brim with hope, and can get it back shattered, our hope and faith in love sometimes included.

When you give someone your heart, or wear it on your sleeve you’re leaving yourself unprotected. Falling in love should be the goal of any person’s life, but don’t be blinded by it. It has the ability to be this life altering and fulfilling thing, but it also has the ability to make you feel destroyed. The trick is realizing the trade off. Part of what makes it all so magical is the unknown. This includes that you could be falling for someone who has no genuine interest of catching you. Our hearts only have the ability to feel, they can’t weigh the options for us. We all know the risks and rewards when we start to fall, but when we don’t get the fairy tale ending, we sit there surprised and shocked. But it’s not like we go into these things blindfolded, right? The problem is that all the possible outcomes aren’t weighed in our minds before we allow our hearts to speak for themselves. Anytime you fall you get left with some memory of it. Whether the evidence is in physical scars or emotional baggage, the fear it instills in us doesn’t easily go away. So why try again? Continue reading “That’s Our Hearts…”

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That’s Walking Away…

By Brittany Davis

We all have that someone that we know is bad for us. The one we can’t let go of. We sit and hope that we’re  going to be the person who makes it different, the one who changes the game.  We hope that despite what we know about them, we’ll be the one to make them better and ultimately better for us. But we all know the rules and we rarely see the exceptions. We know people don’t really change even though we wish they would. We see them modify. We watch them adapt, but that’s all temporary. It’s never anything permanent, and ultimately, the small differences you see are never enough. The reality is: you are never going to make them change.

If you can’t be with someone as they are, realize that. Don’t make them out to be something they’re not. Don’t try and make them the person you wish they’d become. The sooner you accept them for who they are the sooner you can realize what they aren’t; and that’s usually that they aren’t right for you. Realize that they’re not going to magically  become the thing you deserve. Sure, they may continue to be what you think you need and what you want, but have you ever stopped  and thought that maybe what you want and what you deserve are two different things?
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That’s Timing…

By Brittany Davis

Time is a funny thing. Sometimes it can be everything, other times it can be nothing. It’s something we have no say in. It’s something that’s beyond our reach. We can’t control when we feel things, nor can we control when we discover we feel them. It’s all about timing. But here’s the thing about it: time can either work for you or be actively working against you. Like the times when you love someone but the timing is off. Or when you fall in love and the timing is perfect. But if at the time you didn’t know it, what does it matter? If at the time you didn’t feel it, what do you do? Continue reading “That’s Timing…”

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That’s Being Good Enough For You…


By Brittany Davis

All you need is one. There’s one person out there who is gonna make you feel complete. There’s a reason why it never worked out with anybody else. One person. Your other half. They’re out there, you just haven’t found them yet. Your soul mate. The one. We all hear it. Hell, we all say it. But do you ever stop to really think about what we’re saying?

There’s over six billion people in this world, but only one is going to complete you. That concept brings a lot of pressure. This idea of  living your life trying to find this ‘one person’ who will make you feel like you have purpose; that makes you feel complete. That’s a lot of time spent falling in and out of relationships, looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right hoping that it will bring you closer to your ‘happily ever after’.’ You do whatever it takes to make sure you have somebody by your side, you’re on a quest to find that completion. Well, I have news for you. If you live your life that way it’s never going to happen.

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That’s Taking Nothing For Granted…

By Brittany Davis

It’s easy to take anything in life for granted because we always assume that tomorrow is promised, so what you do today doesn’t really affect anything you do, right? Wrong. There are few things in life, if any, that are truly guaranteed.  Which is why the people you meet and the relationships you create should be cherished because it’s only within those very moments that they’re certain. Don’t become complacent. Treat everyday as a new opportunity.  A chance to tell those who matter to you just how much you need them. A test of your character to try to and  face the obstacles that present themselves every day head on.

You have to learn to not sweat the small stuff. You have to learn to realize they’re just details.  They might define you at the moment, but they don’t define you as a person. Who you are and what you stand for are things that nobody else can control.  People are going to talk, give them more to say.  People are going to try and break you, give them more reasons to try.  Everyday you live the life you want the people trying to tear you down lose a breath, make them suffer. Each day you wake up you are given the ability to start over.  You’re given the chance to correct yesterday’s  mistakes. The person you were yesterday can be made better today because nothing in this life is permanent. Nothing in this life lasts forever. The chance to realize it is here.

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Recognize Your Path..

By Brittany Davis

For some reason there’s a stigma to working for your parents. Whether it’s from society or self -induced is your call. Regardless of where you fall, the stigma lies in the phrase itself: working for your parents. It somehow implies the inability to find something on your own or  that you only have this opportunity because of your parents. Well yeah, that’s kind of the point. Half of the business world today is based on who you know, not always what you can do. So why should working for your parents or for the family business be any different? It doesn’t mean you’ve failed. It means they are giving you the opportunity to one day succeed.

To get to where you want to be in life, it takes making a start. It takes changing your point of view to the situation. Employment is employment, whatever shape or form it comes in; whatever the opportunity. Find the positives in what you have the opportunity to embark on instead of harping on the fact that maybe it’s not the path you thought you would be heading down. Who knows what the potential route has to offer? It could be the stepping stone you need to get to where you one day will end up being. Recognize an opportunity when it presents itself. Recognize the opportunity to create a path yourself or choose to recognize the path laid before you and walk it with purpose.

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How It Really Is..

By Brittany Davis

I have to admit I’m a glass half full kinda girl, but this past week I found myself noticing that the glass seemed more empty than it did full. The thing is, when it comes to trying to find a job, it gets tough. Watching other people embark on their journeys, and realizing that you’re still at home trying to figure out your destination. Now I’m not naive. I know I’m not gonna get my dream job straight out of college, nor do I want that, but I expected to find something.

So back to my glass half empty dilemma. I’ve been able to control how I choose to find the fact that three months after graduation I’m still unemployed. But if I’m going to be honest, it’s been getting to me. It’s a little discouraging. Makes you feel a little unqualified. Makes you feel a little ‘not worth it’ Now I know all of these things aren’t true, but it doesn’t change the fact that the emotions are. What I’m starting to remember, is that nobody can tell you what you’re worth or what you’re capable of. A lack of people wanting to employ you, doesn’t necessarily mean a lack of ability. I’m the type of person who likes to try and find the positive in things, but that doesn’t mean this is a positive experience all the time–I just like to try and make myself view it that way.

Which is why when it comes to unemployment, I’m not viewing the glass as half full or half empty. I’m not viewing it as a good thing or a bad thing. I’m viewing it as what it is. A transition period, a chance to perfect my skills for whenever that day comes. I’m viewing it as water, and drinking all the uncertainty down with it.

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That’s Not Letting Life Stop You…

By Brittany Davis

It should come as no surprise that life doesn’t always work out the way you feel it should. Maybe you were up all night studying for a test and your friend went out to a party. The day you get your grades back, she did better. You’re left thinking how the hell did that happen? Or, how about you’re trying out for the school play, you’re clearly more talented and passionate about the part but the director picks someone else. It sucks. The person you’re crushing on, ends up trying to get a date with your best friend. The scenarios are endless, and this is probably one of those cases where the more times it doesn’t make it any easier. Despite the fact that life can suck sometimes, you have to keep pushing through. Whether you believe that good things happen to good people, all good things happen in time, or that eventually the other shoe will drop–whatever your philosophy, embrace it. Believe it. Why? Continue reading “That’s Not Letting Life Stop You…”