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That’s Not Letting Life Stop You…

By Brittany Davis

It should come as no surprise that life doesn’t always work out the way you feel it should. Maybe you were up all night studying for a test and your friend went out to a party. The day you get your grades back, she did better. You’re left thinking how the hell did that happen? Or, how about you’re trying out for the school play, you’re clearly more talented and passionate about the part but the director picks someone else. It sucks. The person you’re crushing on, ends up trying to get a date with your best friend. The scenarios are endless, and this is probably one of those cases where the more times it doesn’t make it any easier. Despite the fact that life can suck sometimes, you have to keep pushing through. Whether you believe that good things happen to good people, all good things happen in time, or that eventually the other shoe will drop–whatever your philosophy, embrace it. Believe it. Why?

Because unfortunately life isn’t always about what you can do. It’s about opportunity. Time. Who you know. It’s not always about your abilities or what you deserve or what you’ve earned. Sometimes you could work hard at something everyday and want it with every ounce of your being and it still won’t work out. Sure it’s going to hurt. You’re going to be sitting there wondering what you could possibly be doing wrong and if that’s the case, you’re going to be sitting there for a while. Sometimes you can do everything right and still get wronged. The trick is not letting this stop you. You know what you are capable of. You know what you’re worth. You know what you can accomplish. Yes, opportunities come to some people and that’s all fine and good, but sometimes you have to create your opportunities. Whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish, do what you can to make it possible–even if on the slightest level. If you’re applying for college or a job, use the spare time to sharpen your skills. Create a blog. Start a new project. Take on a new client. Make imaginary budget plans. Paint something you never have. Whatever your dream is, you can achieve it. Don’t let the letdowns determine how hard you strive. Don’t let all the people telling you “No” make you feel like you’re not good enough, because you are. Only you know what you have the ability to overcome. So do it. Not just to prove people wrong, but to prove what you knew all along, that you’re capable. Life doesn’t wait for anybody. So get out there, keep dreaming, and stop sitting around and waiting for things to happen. You can create your opportunities. You can make your life happen.

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