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Recognize Your Path..

By Brittany Davis

For some reason there’s a stigma to working for your parents. Whether it’s from society or self -induced is your call. Regardless of where you fall, the stigma lies in the phrase itself: working for your parents. It somehow implies the inability to find something on your own or ┬áthat you only have this opportunity because of your parents. Well yeah, that’s kind of the point. Half of the business world today is based on who you know, not always what you can do. So why should working for your parents or for the family business be any different? It doesn’t mean you’ve failed. It means they are giving you the opportunity to one day succeed.

To get to where you want to be in life, it takes making a start. It takes changing your point of view to the situation. Employment is employment, whatever shape or form it comes in; whatever the opportunity. Find the positives in what you have the opportunity to embark on instead of harping on the fact that maybe it’s not the path you thought you would be heading down. Who knows what the potential route has to offer? It could be the stepping stone you need to get to where you one day will end up being. Recognize an opportunity when it presents itself. Recognize the opportunity to create a path yourself or choose to recognize the path laid before you and walk it with purpose.

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