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That’s Being Good Enough For You…


By Brittany Davis

All you need is one. There’s one person out there who is gonna make you feel complete. There’s a reason why it never worked out with anybody else. One person. Your other half. They’re out there, you just haven’t found them yet. Your soul mate. The one. We all hear it. Hell, we all say it. But do you ever stop to really think about what we’re saying?

There’s over six billion people in this world, but only one is going to complete you. That concept brings a lot of pressure. This idea of  living your life trying to find this ‘one person’ who will make you feel like you have purpose; that makes you feel complete. That’s a lot of time spent falling in and out of relationships, looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right hoping that it will bring you closer to your ‘happily ever after’.’ You do whatever it takes to make sure you have somebody by your side, you’re on a quest to find that completion. Well, I have news for you. If you live your life that way it’s never going to happen.

Here’s why. You’ve spent hours worrying about the ones that got away, or the ones you left. Wasted years looking for someone to fill your time alone. You spent so much time looking for somebody to fill your emptiness because if that space is empty, it means you haven’t found the one. And maybe that makes sense. But what if you already had what you need? What if you held the cure all along? The one, it may exist. It just may not be who you think it is. The reality is you do need one person: yourself.

After a break-up you don’t need someone to fill the space, you need you. After a five year relationship you don’t need to find someone to take up your time, you need to find you. The someone you want is out there, we all have no problem believing that and having faith in that. So why not have faith that you can be on your own? Why not have faith in, well, you.

The truth is you won’t always be enough for someone else, but if you’re not enough for you, then what does it matter? We can’t let others mend, what isn’t theirs to fix. You are the only one that can fix what’s broken within you. Take the time to find yourself and give yourself a chance to be happy with it. The moments where you are on your own aren’t times to sit and dwell on why nobody wants you. These are the times to become your own person; to become independent.  To remember, We must be our own before we can be anothers.  So be Yours. Find pride in being able to stand on your own two feet; to not depend on the crutch of another person there. To walk alone and tall with your head held high. To know that through it all you are always gonna have someone there,You. People in relationships don’t have that security. Yes, they may have the late night phone call, or the hand to hold, but when that’s all gone, what do they have?  When they’re forced to stand alone they’ll feel lost. Where as when you stand alone you’ll feel strength because standing alone, is where You were found.

At the end of the day through all the ups and downs, and wins and losses, you’re the only person who is gonna know how you felt. You are the only person who is gonna truly understand. You’re the only person that can always be there for you and eventually you’ll come to find that most days, having you is what completes you; having you fills a space in a way nobody else can. Sometimes, having you can be just what you need.

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