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That’s Taking Nothing For Granted…

By Brittany Davis

It’s easy to take anything in life for granted because we always assume that tomorrow is promised, so what you do today doesn’t really affect anything you do, right? Wrong. There are few things in life, if any, that are truly guaranteed.  Which is why the people you meet and the relationships you create should be cherished because it’s only within those very moments that they’re certain. Don’t become complacent. Treat everyday as a new opportunity.  A chance to tell those who matter to you just how much you need them. A test of your character to try to and  face the obstacles that present themselves every day head on.

You have to learn to not sweat the small stuff. You have to learn to realize they’re just details.  They might define you at the moment, but they don’t define you as a person. Who you are and what you stand for are things that nobody else can control.  People are going to talk, give them more to say.  People are going to try and break you, give them more reasons to try.  Everyday you live the life you want the people trying to tear you down lose a breath, make them suffer. Each day you wake up you are given the ability to start over.  You’re given the chance to correct yesterday’s  mistakes. The person you were yesterday can be made better today because nothing in this life is permanent. Nothing in this life lasts forever. The chance to realize it is here.

The people you meet and the places you go help shape and mold you as a person.  But the person you become is still yet to be written.  You decide the life you live. You decide what makes you happy. You decide who you are. So lose the assumption that you have your whole life to achieve something. Do it now.  Erase the idea that you have your whole life to become someone better. Be it now. Throw away the idea that you have tomorrow to go after what you want. Get it now. You don’t have forever. You have this moment, right now, to become whatever you want to be and to do whatever you want to do. Don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today. Learn to embrace the moments when you stand still.  This life has us constantly moving, take the time to enjoy where you’re at. Stop looking back.  All it does it make you miss what’s happening now. The truth is, the past can’t be rewritten, the future is unknown, and the only certainty is the present. So enjoy it.

They say when you die you see a movie of your life. Make yours one that’s worth watching. Laugh. Cry. Love. Hurt. Embrace every emotion, at every moment. The truth is you can’t ever go back to how you felt at a given moment, it may never be the same.  You can’t ever know if you’ll feel it again. So live. Don’t just go through the motions. Be loud. Take chances. Dream. Do all of these things without hesitation. Do them without fear. Don’t be scared to be yourself. Don’t be scared to try new things because some chances truly are once in a lifetime. Don’t take that risk. Every night you should be grateful. It’s one more day you made it. Faced the struggles head on and made it through. At the end of the day you don’t just want to be able to say you that you’re alive; you want to be able to say that you’ve lived.

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