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That’s Our Minds…

By Brittany Davis

It’s kind of crazy to think about the things that occupy our minds sometimes. You could be sitting one day content with your life, or so you think, and out of nowhere your brain could be completely filled. You’re sitting and things you thought you didn’t care about are suddenly at the surface of your mind. Anxiously trying to overflow the pool of what you know, until what you’re trying to figure out comes pouring over. Leaving drops of worry and hope in a puddle all around you. You’re sitting and things you know you shouldn’t care about are suddenly affecting your moods in a way you didn’t even know was possible. It’s crazy how our minds don’t have an off switch; how they don’t have a filter. A way for the things that matter and the things that don’t to be separated and the latter to dissolve.  It’s crazy how they can just wander and dream without us even realizing that our brains have checked out. It’s crazy that the thing that controls the rest of us, is sometimes the thing we can’t control.

Sometimes without warning we could be in one place, but our minds bring us to another place entirely. A place we’ve been. A place we’re longing to be. It transforms us from the here and now, to a place we miss, or a place we’d love to go. To being in the company of those we’ve lost, to the company of people we’re yearning to have. As obvious as it may be, our brains tell us what we think. Even though they’re a part of us, they make us aware of things we never noticed about ourselves. Even though they are a part of us, they know things before we do. They tell us what were thinking, and at the same time make us realize that we are.

So realize that. If something is occupying your mind and your time, don’t let it be for waste. Don’t sit and dwell. Don’t analyze every little feeling that is a result of it. Just recognize it as just that: a potential feeling. Our minds have the ability to tell us to feel. To let go of something. To hold on tighter. They have the ability to tell us to try harder, or  to completely give up. To recognize our thoughts and be true to our emotions. If something is occupying your mind recognize that it’s there for a reason. It’s there until you decide what to do with it. Its’ there until you decide if you want to. If some thing is on your mind, it’s there for a reason. Don’t be afraid to find out what that reason is. It could be worse than you thought, but it could also be better than you think.

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