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That’s Change..

By Brittany Davis

Change is a funny thing.  Sometimes we love it, sometimes we hate it. Sometimes we wish it would happen faster, sometimes we wish it would just stop happening. We hate when the things we know and love change. Relationships, friendships — those are the things we wish would never change, yet those are the things that usually do. We know that change happens, sometimes we even understand why. If it wasn’t for change we’d never grow. It’s because of change that we adapt, make adjustments, alter. That’s all a part of life. However, knowing that it happens, doesn’t make dealing with it any better; knowing that it happens, rarely makes it any easier.

Because when things change they’re normally beyond our control and circumstances we have no say in. People move on, friends grow apart, and things like time and distance make themselves known. When change happens our lives seem to move at a different speed, but we often are stuck standing still.  But change will eventually force you to move, change forces us to take steps. You can take steps aside, as people make their way out. You can take steps backward, trying to hold onto how things were before they changed, or you can take steps forward, and try not to look back; you can let change push you forward. But how?

You do it by realizing that the only constant in life, is that it constantly changes, so use that to your advantage. People. Places. Beliefs. Dreams. They all become different. Friends become strangers. Lovers become exes. Moments become memories. But here’s the thing. Sometimes, dealing with change gives you better things. If you know that change is going to happen, try and change the way you feel about change itself. Try and see that sometimes change can be beautiful, we just have to let ourselves see it. Instead of looking at how different things are, find the things that remained the same. Instead of looking at what things were, think of what can still become.  Think of the beauty that we’d miss out on if we only looked at the endings and beginnings, instead of the journey in-between; the changes that took place. If you only saw the caterpillar, and not the butterfly it becomes. If you realized that from the cold of winter you get the fresh bloom of spring, or that from the dark of night, you get the light of a new day. What it comes down to is that change is  going to happen whether you like it or not. It’s up to you to find the lesson and see the beauty; it’s up to you to make it worth it.

One thought on “That’s Change..

  1. Brittany,

    Death, taxes and change….you’re right, it’s always going to happen. Thanks for the good post.


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