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That’s Hindsight…

By Brittany Davis

People say that hindsight is 20/20 and I believe they’re right. It’s easy to look back and say things happened just as they were supposed to because the struggle is already over. Of course, everything worked out the way it was supposed to, you’re already where you’re at. It makes it easy to look at things and have that mentality because the reasons are now clear to you.

Hindsight is like light shining down on a situation. It makes it so it’s always easy to see what we should have done. It’s always easy for us to see what should have happened. But this all has to do with us analyzing the past. It can make us look back and wish we knew then all the things we know now. But you wouldn’t know what you know now, if you didn’t go through what you went through then. So what’s the point?

We shouldn’t be looking back and trying to figure out what we should have done in hindsight. It already happened. The moment is already gone. What we should be doing is looking back and trying to figure out what it taught us. We should be looking for the lessons learned. The past means nothing if you didn’t learn anything from it. Who cares if your vision is clear when looking in the rear-view mirror? Wouldn’t you rather see where it is you’re going with clear eyes? Wouldn’t you rather travel forward with your eyes set ahead? At the end of the day, looking back and seeing things clearly is all well and good. But having hindsight that’s 20/20 means nothing if to the future you’re blind.

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