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Following Your Heart Vs. Leading With It

By Brittany Davis

Sometimes in life we find ourselves at a crossroads where we’re confused what direction to go, or what decision to make. We look outside ourselves for signs to help tell us what to do. Something as minimal or life altering as we need to help guide us in what we hope to be the right direction. And sure, sometimes that can work. But what if that sign never comes? Or what if you miss it? Or better yet, what if it’s not the sign you were hoping for? The truth is sometimes the answer is inside you along. Sure, maybe you needed something to happen for you to bring it out, but that’s why you should always look inside yourself first; you should always ask yourself what it is that you really want. Sometimes all the guidance you need is to just trust your instincts and go where your heart takes you. Sometimes it may lead you exactly where you need to be. But here’s the thing, when it comes to listening to our hearts, should we follow them, or be led by ‘em? Or are they really just the same thing?

Think of our lives as compasses with needles constantly spinning and pointing us in different directions. We wander, sometimes aimlessly, looking for our next adventure or our next escape heading in whatever direction and overcoming whatever obstacles life throws our way. But amid all of life’s chaos, what exactly are you following? The path previously set out for you, or the path less traveled? Into a different world entirely, or venturing back into the familiar? Somewhere along the way we need something to trust in, something to guide us. We need our true north. Well, what if our hearts are it? What if in their pure and unfiltered states, they were the things we trusted on instinct to tell us where to go? Our hearts don’t use logic. They can’t weigh consequences. They don’t know how to second guess. They are our starting points in every sense of the phrase. They’re are reason for living, yet we seldom follow them to live. Our hearts can guide us in so many different directions. They can lead us on adventures that end in joy, or journeys that end in heartbreak. That’s what they’re supposed to do. They’re supposed to make us acknowledge what we feel. They fuel our passions and determine our desires, they’re the perfect starting point. But what happens after?

When you’re standing at these crossroads, you need something that’s going to point you in the direction you want to go. You need something that’s going to kickstart your desire and ultimately make you move. That’s where this distinction comes in. Where following and being led can actually be different. Following your heart is important, but this whole idea of ‘following’ makes it seem like you relinquish all control. You feel what you feel, and want what you want, and head in that direction. It’s almost as if you have no say. Your heart says go, so you go. The thing is, it seldom is that easy. That’s why you should let your heart lead you. Let it guide you towards what it is you want, but still afford yourself the opportunity to be changed and affected as things happen. Letting your heart lead you gives you a chance to change course and set sail in a different direction — it allows for life to happen. At the end of the day when your heart speaks, take the time to listen to where it’s telling you to go. Whether you follow it without hesitation, or let it lead at a distance is up to you. Maybe you’ll end up somewhere unexpected, maybe you’ll end up where you wanted, or maybe, just maybe, you’ll end up exactly where you’re supposed to be.

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