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It’s Not About Happy Endings.

Happy endings are a complicated thing. Being happy at the end of our lives is something to strive for, but it shouldn’t be the ultimate goal. What’s the point of being happy if it’s only at the end? That happiness is temporary. That happiness is fleeting. The goal should be to be happy right now. You have the opportunity to make that happen. You get to
decide what your ending becomes. The trick, is not to waste time focusing on it. The beauty of a story is in the progress that’s made; you can’t appreciate the ending without knowing what’s been overcome.

Of course, we should all hope to be happy in the end, but part of that happiness is having the memories to look back on. It’s what ends up written in the story of our lives.

Part of these stories come down to the characters. It’s being introduced to people that are a part of one chapter, and then written out the next. It’s learning to find the underlying themes. It’s creating the romance, solving the mysteries, and advancing the plot. It’s realizing that turning pages is a good thing. Leaving people and things behind helps further your story. You can’t begin the next chapter of your life if you spend your time re- reading the last one. We can’t be scared to turn the page. You have the chance to make your story one of a kind. To make it a story unlike no other.  It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what that story is yet, all that matters is you take the time to create it.

Part of the appeal in life is not knowing where it’s going to take us. It’s learning to stop waiting for the “The End” and start embracing the “To be continued.” It’s already having an answer for when people ask you, “What’s your story?” It’s living life in a way that gives you pages and pages to choose from in response. At the end of the day you want to look back at the story of your life and know that happiness didn’t just come at the end. You want to know it was something that existed in every chapter along the way.

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