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Can You Ever Give Someone Your Whole Heart?

It’s been said that you take a piece of all the people that you meet with you. If this is true, every person you meet, passion felt and love experienced, leaves a mark on your heart that never really disappears. It means you take these memories with you. In your life, in your relationships, pretty much wherever you go. It means that when you love someone, you’re loving them with a heart that’s been changed and altered from people you’ve met along the way. The things you experienced. The love you once had. The loss you once felt. Does it ever really go away? It starts to make you wonder: can you actually ever give someone your whole heart?

If you think about it, we question this all the time. We hear people say you never forget your first love. We hear our friends talk about the “one who got away.” We consistently look back and wonder: what if? If we had said yes instead of no? Stayed instead of left; if you had simply chosen differently. Because sure, it’s possible to move on and move forward, but is it ever truly possible to forget?

Our hearts are meant to hold memories; they are our feelings’ keeper. They’re meant to be shared and opened. Simply speaking: they’re meant to feel. So knowing that, there’s always gonna be people who have a part of your heart. People who you gave it to along the way. People who have refused to give it back. That’s why nobody can ever have your whole heart. At some point, you’ve given a piece out. At one point you’ve taken pieces of others in return. But that’s the point of life and love — to let your heart be affected. To strive to touch the hearts of others, to leave an impact on their hearts, and then hope they do the same to you in return.

It shouldn’t be about someone having your whole heart. It should be about giving someone everything you are willing and able to give. Offering what you can, and loving to the best of your ability. It should be about saving some pieces of your heart for you and letting the rest of them fall where they may. It’s not about giving someone your whole heart, it’s about allowing your heart to feel whole.


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  1. This is true what made me come to the post is because I’m not sure if I ever want to love again . Love is two faced for sure . You think love is supposed to be in your corner , but it switches sides on you .

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