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Life’s a blueprint. Build it.

When we’re younger, we picture our futures. We have this idea of what we want our lives to be. We write it down on paper. Our hopes and dreams. The things we hope we’ll achieve. The people we hope we’ll become. But here’s the thing about writing things on paper. Ink always fades. The dreams we had, choices we hoped we’d make, people we thought we’d become — it changes. We grow older. We grow wiser, and the things we want out of this life change. Things don’t always match up. When we’re younger we think by a certain age we should have accomplished certain things. By a certain age, we should have it all figured out. But as we get older we realize that’s not always the case. We realize that that’s not how life works. More importantly, we realize that it’s not how life is supposed to work. We’re not supposed to have it all figured out. Life has its own plan for us. We never know what could be around the next corner. We never know what the next moment can bring. Life has its own plan for us, but we need to realize that it’s okay to deviate from the plan. It’s okay to look at the life laid out before us and decide to try something different. To choose color instead of black and white. To plan for the unexpected. To decide to build something else. Continue reading “Life’s a blueprint. Build it.”