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Hear Your Calling

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 3.54.09 PMThere comes a point in life where we often start to wonder if we’re fulfilling our purpose. Have we answered our calling? Are we doing whatever we were put on this earth to do? We all have a purpose. We all have a calling. But what life really comes down to, is if we allow ourselves to hear it.

For most people today, the answer is usually no. And a big part of it is that we’re constantly moving so fast. We go from one thing to the other, already on to the next one before we even finish where we’re at. We spend more time looking down at our phones, than at the life and opportunities that are moving around us every single day. We surrender to the chaos. We allow ourselves to get lost. But even more importantly than that, we let our dreams and our ambitions get lost, too. It’s easy to lose the dream in hustle, but it shouldn’t be. Instead, we should be hustling toward our dreams. We should be using the fact that we so easily move from one place to another as a way to pursue our passions. To treat each stop along the way as a literal platform that’s taking us to our ultimate destination: our dreams.

So why aren’t we? Fear? Time? Responsibilities? The list of excuses can go on and on, and it usually does. But that’s just what they are, excuses. We should never be too busy to pursue our passions. To go after the life we really want. To take our dreams and turn them into realities.  We should never be too afraid to take the time to figure out what those dreams actually are. They don’t have to be monumental. They don’t have to involve changing the world. They just have to be yours. They just have to be something that brings you joy; that lights up your world. That makes you feel worthy. Our dreams are simply the things we love that live within us, things that are just waiting patiently for us to have the courage to set them free. So do it.

There is no better time to go after everything you want in this life than right now. It’s time to take chances. To put the excuses aside, and do something that truly makes you happy. There really is no excuse. Yes, you have responsibilities and obligations to uphold, but what about our responsibility and obligation to ourselves? Happiness may not pay the bills, but it does afford us the opportunity to live incredible lives. Let yourself cash in. Take the time to hear the call, then have the courage to see where those callings take you.

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