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Fall in love. Don’t disappear into it.

Falling in love is a great thing. It’s supposed to be beautifully ambivalent. It’s supposed shock you and scare you, move you and make you better.  It’s supposed to make you look out into the unknown, and willingly take that leap. To fall, without really knowing the outcome and embrace the uncertainty. But the thing is, you are supposed to land. Whether it’s on your feet or own your ass, there should be an impact; a moment where you know you’ve fallen and now all you have to do is decide to get up. Continue reading “Fall in love. Don’t disappear into it.”

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Learn to lead with love, then watch love follow.

Tragedies often leave us wondering what’s the point. Why be a good person, if bad things can still happen? Why be selfless, if such selfish people exist? Well, the point is to have faith in spite of it all. To believe your kindness matters. To believe in the hearts of others. To believe that compassion will always win. Because if we don’t do that, these terrible moments just become that much more tragic.

Believe that love conquers all. Believe, and it will.


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Life Imitates Art, Art Imitates Life

By Brittany Davis

I’ve always heard people talking about how the older you get, the faster life seems to go. The days blur together and the months seem to be passing two at a time and the truth is, they’re right. But it’s a strange thing to experience because, well, nothing has really changed. There are still 24 hours in a day and seven days in a week. The only thing that’s changed, is us. We’ve gotten older, hopefully a little wiser, and are hopefully creating a life for ourselves each and everyday. Every decision we make, memory we create, and experience we encounter is another layer added to the masterpiece that becomes our lives; we’re designing it everyday. But here’s the thing, you don’t get one shot at it. Art, just like life, doesn’t always have to be permanent. Continue reading “Life Imitates Art, Art Imitates Life”

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Following Your Heart Vs. Leading With It

By Brittany Davis

Sometimes in life we find ourselves at a crossroads where we’re confused what direction to go, or what decision to make. We look outside ourselves for signs to help tell us what to do. Something as minimal or life altering as we need to help guide us in what we hope to be the right direction. And sure, sometimes that can work. But what if that sign never comes? Or what if you miss it? Or better yet, what if it’s not the sign you were hoping for? The truth is sometimes the answer is inside you along. Sure, maybe you needed something to happen for you to bring it out, but that’s why you should always look inside yourself first; you should always ask yourself what it is that you really want. Sometimes all the guidance you need is to just trust your instincts and go where your heart takes you. Sometimes it may lead you exactly where you need to be. But here’s the thing, when it comes to listening to our hearts, should we follow them, or be led by ‘em? Or are they really just the same thing? Continue reading “Following Your Heart Vs. Leading With It”

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Does Moving Forward, Mean Leaving Things Behind?

By Brittany Davis

We know life moves forward. The chapters of your past close, and new chapters get written everyday. It goes forward because, well, there’s no real way for it to go back. So you move on — and you should. But somewhere along the way a disconnect happened. A disconnect between taking a next step in your life, and what that new life actually means. When life opens a door, you’re supposed to explore what’s behind it. And when opportunities arise you’re supposed to seize them. But sometimes you have to stop and think, these things are happening for me, great, but at what cost? Is taking that step forward, going to make you take two steps back in the end? Continue reading “Does Moving Forward, Mean Leaving Things Behind?”

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Dancing Butterflies

By Manoj Sankar

An excruciating pain struck my back and as usual with the overwhelming confidence due to ignorance and the need to finish the daily chorus of life I started moving.  It did not take me long  to realize that I was in trouble with my back. It did not mean anything much to me until the doctor told me that I’d be bed ridden for a minimum of one month.  And that day has changed my life forever.  Continue reading “Dancing Butterflies”

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You Are The Author(ity) Of Your Own Life

By Sabrina Ali

Rita* walked up to her guru with all the confidence she could muster. Everyone had told her that she just “had” to meet him and now here she was. He was a living example of what she wanted to do. Afraid that her nerves would get the better of her, she’d been rehearsing her line all day:

“I’m totally inspired by you and want to do what you do someday. What would I need to do in order to pursue this path?”

“You need to become a Social Worker,” he answered.

“Got it.” Continue reading “You Are The Author(ity) Of Your Own Life”

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The Calm Before The Storm

By Shannon Payne

The calm before the storm; it’s an odd phenomena isn’t it? Almost everyone can sense it. It becomes eerily quiet and there is almost a physical presence; like you can feel something is about to happen. However, in that moment you can’t help but also notice the beauty in silence. Everything is at rest; everything is at peace.

In those moments one is truly and genuinely free. You give yourself over to the knowledge that something inevitable is about to occur. You exhale a sigh of acceptance and it’s as if a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. That is where true happiness lies.