How It Works

Here’s how it works. Sometimes we just need a little something to remind us how beautiful life can be. Well, what if words were that thing? So that the next time you’re feeling lost or down, you have something hopeful to hold on to. We all know words can be powerful, so why not let them light up your life?

To Submit:
Submit your own works of writing. Whether it’s a poem, lyrics to a song you’ve written, or a real life experience, share it here. Scan through the topics and write about the ones that speak to you. Or write about things we haven’t yet discovered. Let us know how you feel.  Express yourself. Share your experiences. All you have to do is fill this out, and the chance to say how you feel to the world is yours.

To Explore:
Maybe you’re not here to submit, maybe you’re here looking for something. Maybe you’re searching for words that speak to you, or maybe you’re just looking for someone who understands. Whatever it is, this could be your place. A place where even if for just a minute, you’re reminded of what life is all about. Maybe just looking around will inspire something in you or, maybe what you see will make you want to create. Either way I hope it makes you breathe a little easier. I hope you look around and see what these posts have to offer, but better yet, I hope you see what life has to offer you.

Whatever you choose, I hope it ignites the spark. I hope that even if for that moment, it makes you feel less alone. I hope it reminds you to appreciate the small victories; to embrace the moments however they come. But above all, I hope it reminds you that life is beautiful. You just have to get through the darkness to see it.

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