The Purpose

The words said today on the internet are permanent and once they’re said, they reach hundreds of peoples within seconds. And too often what we see are words that spark hate. Too often we watch as this hate forces people into silence that’s almost as permanent as the words written. It makes them believe they’re alone in their journeys. But what if instead of watching, we let something that reminds you there’s hope be what lives on forever? So that instead of being what drives us apart, words were the things that united us. So that words became the spark that brought us all together.

Let this ignite that flame. Let this be the place that reminds you that happiness should be more than just a destination, but many stops along the way. Let this remind you that amid the detours, missed signs, and unexpected turns, that life is a journey. It’s made of courses taken and courses left unexplored, but neither of which you have to embark on alone. There are going to be times when you find yourself straying off the path, let these be the words that guide you home.

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